Film made by Mellissa Fisher, showing Physarum Polycephalum (slime mould) growth on agar sculptures. This film questions and represents our connection with nature and the world in general. Clips from the film of the artists face were shot throughout the summer 2017, when all the terrorist attacks happened around the UK. This is a response made by the artist to all the horrendous attacks, unnatural and natural to question our connections with each other as well as nature, and to make a point that we are all connected as are the 'many-headed slime' that grows throughout the film. This film was shown at Shotgun Studios for the exhibition 'STRANGE LANDS' in Acton, London.

Mellissa became interested in slime mould when given some by artist Heather Barnett, who works with natural phenomena, complex systems and biological design. Mellissa has been studying the growth of slime mould over 3D structures of agar, exploring the vulnerability of nature and the vulnerability of the world.